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Here I lie

It's a shared opinion that anyone who does anythign apart from study twenty-three minutes before an exam is fundamentally insane.
So sue me.
This morning something even stupider happened, something so fucked that I still can't stop laughing. I sit in the exam hall after dealing with the fucked admin here and rummage in my broken zipless bag for my notes.
Lo and behold, what do I find? It ain't there. But what is there is my rather battered copy of Robert Ludlum's Road to Gandolfo. And chutiya that I am I take it out and read half a chapter five minutes before the exam.
Neat, eh? And now I've gone back home to enjoy a smoke and wadas at Venky's, chatted with the guys there, Raju and the gang, enjoyed a quiet breakfast, before going home to pick up my notes.
And even though they're sitting in my bag, several presentations were already open on the computer I sat down at, I have no intention of studying anymore, as can be clearly seen from the blogging. Maa chudaye the exam.
To conclude: Marks are for losers. Not studying is for the motherfuckers.
And PR is for those who want to kiss ass; I'm a journalist; I mindfuck, I don't reassure.

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