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Shall I fuck with you now?

(Author's note. If you're a young pup, I take no responsibility for the perversion you may feel. Like it or not, this is actually a serious and current matter.)

 It's the age where MILF has become plain MF, with the words "I'd like" wiped clean off. Yes, sir. Good old-fashioned pornos have gone out, and all that there is these days are those girls who seem to look either like sex-starved bitches or pubescent virgins. On top of that the boob craze. If it ain't silicone it ain't shit, apparently, and we see hooters the size of footballs.
Whatever happened to class, to a bit of.. dare I say it? Maturity?
Whatever happened to all those sensous, sultry ladies, and yes, ladies, not bitches or virgins, those women whom you'd not just want to fuck once, but keep coming back for more?

These are the times of the almighty quickie, the ONS. Wham, bam, thanks ma'am, and we're out of here, just dispose of the used condom.- Unnamed correspondent

A friend of mine is fond of repeating, these journo, and then the porno. Perhaps these days we just don't want to simply sit down and relax. We want quickies, and everywhere.. a quick fix, a jugaad, as you might call it.
Now, I am no stranger to jugaad. I love to use them in most of my work. A jugaad in time is worth all the effort you'd otherwise put into something, and that's a fact.
However, the porn industry may not be the place for it. I remember going through pictures of young, but not too young, ladies, all wonderfully proportioned, sensuously attired. These women could batter down a man with a blink of their eyebrows. And instead we have all the fakers in the business- fake boobs, fake orgasms on both sides.

 And if you think I've been sexist so far, I'm going to impinge on my own rights as a man and a defender of my manhood.

Porn is causing a lot of inferiority among the lesser youth.. those exposed to it for the first hundred kilometres grow immensely... miserable, even, watching those nuclear-reactor dongs. Ten inches, eleven inches, and on and on. And what's worse, the fairer sex has even fucking grown into that trend. I remember back at Sunny's, a brothel I'm fond of, one of the girls, Supriya, a dusky, dark-haired elf of a girl, shortish, remarked-
'Woh mera murder karega ek din, uska lund lund nahi, hatoda hai.' 
Now, I knew the guy she was talking about, a guy with a big enough dick. Gangbangs aren't so bad, anyhows, if you must know. What startled me was her companion's reaction, a tallish girl, one who I tried once and didn't like too much, reply, 'Aise lund ko aadmi bulao. Yaha to bus bachche ghoomte hai, aur mujhe pareshaan karke chodthe hai. Aisa lagta lund nahi, umli chod rahi hoon.'
And that with a lot of longing that left me in no doubt where the puss.. eh..heart.. lay.
It's because of such idiocy that leaves C'nCs wondering where to go. And while some of them will still stay true, others leave to conform to the bigger stick philosophy. At any rate, being a gentleman, I prefer to excite them as much as they excite me. My prior experience with that half-rate fucker left me wondering about his speed- screw it in, hammer it, leave. Like he was repairing a chair.
And not only that, that half-rate motherfucker actually left me to pay the five-figure bill, but that's a different issue.
They don't seem to understand much that those of us, with the average-size dicks, try not to be selfish and give as well as take.. and yes, my dick is average. But I don't mind.. I've had no complaints so far.
It's a bloody pity. With not only the porn industry in shambles, but also the recent nesting habits displayed.. actually a bit irritating. In the end, if we can't get a partner, we do resort to Dr. Hans Jerkov's technique. But if the catalyst in itself is nowhere near the quality we need, then what?
Just stand around, until masturbation is interrupted.
You done yet?
No. I ain't got the bitch.
Helpful, eh?
But all y'all can contribute. We guys can start being a bit more in bed than before.
Because if we don't, we might as well look out for prosthetic dicks. I ain't giving up sex. Neither should you.

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