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Welcome, traveller. This be the realm of Jay Niner, where everything be possible, and nothing ever happens. If, perchance, thou wisheth to tarry, then find thou a page from the Grimoire and read. For we are here in eternity, and we are in medias res.


A day for dumb questions.

When I writes I writes.
On that enigmatic note I can begin a tirade of nonsense, but I get the impulse to break out of tradition and actually write some sense for a while. The problem here is what to write about.
I keep thinking about Jerome K. Jerome and how he wrote about his having nothing to do. Boredom. That subject I seem to have touched enough. Then what do I write about?
How about technology? Perhaps how much we depend on it every minute of every day. It's a fascinating concept: how about if all of these techno advancements had never occurred. Suppose we had remained in the Steampunk era, not yet out of the Industrial Revolution. I have the inkling feeling that if the Internal Combustion Engine hadn't replaced the need for coal in that time, we'd still be running on fumes.
Marvel and DC had this brilliant concept of putting a "What if..." series in their mainstream. Such as, "What if Batman killed Joker" stuff. Alternate histories that may have been the foundation for their Infinite Crisis series. A good enough thought... and so, reader, "What if the Industrial Revolution had never happened?"
Quite simple. We'd still have been swinging swords and fancy lances and arrows would have been the peak of projectile warfare. Life would have been a hell of a lot simpler... no exams, no muss, no fuss over jobs.. everyone would have simply soldiered on.
Then again, seeing all the infighting all over the world, it may have been a good thing that the Industrial Revolution happened.
Let's go further back in time. The Industrial Revolution was second only to the discovery of Fire in importance. What if man had never discovered how to ignite branches with flint? What then? Fire was the one thing that had ignited man's curiosity. If fire had never been discovered, we'd still be sitting around warming ourselves in nice thick animal cloaks.
Right there is a talking point for PETA extremists. If we hadn't evolved, we'd still have a lot of natural resources around us. So killing yourselves is justified in the name of the environment. Suicide, apart from being the proverbial "Shut Down" button on life, has a lot of consequences. We don't really think that way.
But suppose I die today. Fine, people cry, they get over it, life goes on. But what else can happen? In much the same way that Kings were killed off in old times to destroy an entire royal bloodline, my bloodline disappears from history, poof. And god knows how many of my children, they disappear too, and so do their children's children, and so on and so forth. Probably, in the year 3000, I will have killed off maybe a thousand lives... more or less. Interesting thought, because one man/woman can be a terrorist in their own right. The good thing is, after the deed is done, since "dead men tell no tales," the case is closed. It's probably the reason why suicide was said to be a conduit to hell.
But where were we? "What if" mode. So, if Prometheus had lived the good life and not cared a hoot for humanity, we'd still be rubbing hands against each other for warmth and be eating raw food, roots, leaves, etc, etc.
And then, there is still room to explore here. Fire was a by-product of something much larger- human evolution.
What if those darned monkeys had kept to the trees? What if the floor was covered in enough pinecones to make walking unnecessarily difficult?
And then what? We'd never have evolved our thumbs. Yes, those things we like to jam into any amount of deliciously tight spaces. Yahoo, but I've just negated the entire foundation of evolution, because sticking to branches never needed thumbs in particular, just two sets of hands. A question still bugs me at this point. Would we still have evolved our spectacular brains, those things we use to screw anyone sick with arguments? Quite a question. Without our thumbs, we'd never have stepped off the trees. We'd never be making all those stone implements we'd done, which led to bronze and iron and steel, alloys in general, we'd never be carting all that stone to make houses.. which means no agriculture, no business.
Monkeying around life, to conclude.
And there is a theory that says that nature is not yet past the point of no return- there is every chance that a de-evolution may take place in the distant future. Some setback, or opportunity, which may force us back up those trees with our new tails between our legs.
Like as in Kurt Russell's "Escape from L.A." where he shuts down the whole world, effectively. No technology left, and that means all we'll have is our hands and heads to rebuild. The question: would we even want to rebuild, or start something else up entirely?
The future's in our hands, figuratively and literally.



Logic is a process of approaching the wrong answer with confidence.
It's true. As in Thank You for Smoking, you can justify anything as long as you argue correctly.
And if you can justify it, it's right.
And if it's right, it's Holy, because beauty is truth and truth beauty, and that's all you need to know.
And if that's all you need to know, then it's God's Word beyond questioning.
If it's beyond questioning, then it's fact. If it's fact, it's logical.
If it's logical, it's wrong, as seen at the start of this process.

A cycle truly vicious. This is the form most reasoning follows. Spinning. Practiced by those individuals calling themselves Spin Doctors.
Talk about The World, they'll talk economy. Talk Economy, they'll talk world progress. Talk world progress, they'll talk The World. And there we're proved wrong, because that's not what we were talking about.

This blog is pretty much inspired by that one film which I hold in great regard. How anything can be justified. Of course, Nick Naylor finally stops when he decides to set an example for his son, but he goes on to prove Cellphones don't cause Brain Cancer.
Argument is the mother of negotiation.
And if you can argue, you can justify. If you can justify, you can negotiate.. if you can negotiate, you can bring the article to the point where it can be argued about once more. If you want to win, pick up a gun.
Often violence is the best recourse. Look at the crusades.
And nonstop nonsense is the best way to mindfuck. Look at me.


Spin (copied from my own blog on wordpress)

The interest has gone, but the classes linger.
History is by far a delicate subject. I subscribe to the theory that history is written by the conquerors. And why not? If there is one religion I truly admire, it is Christianity. From the Old Testament to current era, they have had such a strong base of PR that it is truly astounding. Few people today deserve the title of Sultan of Spin, but there is a precedent, a huge one.
I have nothing against religion in general and Christianity in particular; people should be free to believe. It’s a fundamental right of its own. Yet wanton persecution against non-believers and even worse, pagans, has gone on for centuries; Christians against Muslims, Muslims against Hindus is the case today, Romans against the Jews, and goodness knows who else. Yet it is truly the Christians who take the cake in this case.
‘Does he believe in God?’
‘Yes, your majesty.’
‘Does he attend sermons?’
‘Yes, your majesty.’
‘He has been observing all the holidays and holy days?’
‘Yes, your majesty.’
‘Has he paid this week’s tithe?’
‘No, your majesty, he has not.’
‘Root out this pagan and crucify him.’
And it goes on from there. Idol worship, Idle worship, questions against the faith, against the crown, against the land.. paganism is alive and well. Kill them all, protect the word of God. A highly misinterpreted word of God? No one knows, because if you question that, you’re a non-believer, and therefore irredeemable. Condemned.
It is something to admire indeed, all their machinations, all their plots, and recently with Dan Brown courting disaster (the man’s at the tip of my tongue when it comes to this topic, and he’s hardly a writer but a brilliant researcher) you have to wonder not if Christ existed.. he may have. What should be asked is what did he do, and it is extremely possible the Son of God.. if that was the result of a Vatican conspiracy.. actually did anything that is chronicled.
As above, history is written by the victors, and there is no doubt that in their monotheistic vision, the Church has caused enough bloodshed to preserve whatever secrets they hold, the Crusades being one of the bloodiest, Jerusalem, the Grail if it existed or was in actuality a myth to preserve something else?
In retrospect, no religion has not resorted to violence, bloody primal violence when it came to belief. There is a popular phrase on my mind at this point- Deus Ex Machina. The God from the Machine, coming from the time when Greek and Shakespearean plays lowered God/his divine servants via a crane onto the stage representing flight.
Why is the opposite not possible? Did man project an entity of perfection.. because God is perfect or he wouldn’t be God.. into the heavens as an object of adoration/inspiration/aspiration, even?
And on that note, who exactly are we to talk about perfection? What is perfect? A wonderful saying occurs to me at this point: The Perfect Human isn’t Human.
Of course, that was in reference to a vampire of sorts… utterly different issue, but the phrase is worth pondering over. Back on track, “Perfect” in those terms meant immortal, enduring, almighty, beautiful. A western concept by far. I’m Indian. My idea of perfection is a perfect environment- perfection, in self, is boring. When you’re perfect, then life is not worth living… and for me boredom is anathema, not low marks, not career, none of that. In repression lies my depression.
And society has had a history of corrupting/killing free thinkers, because any ruling power needs dumb followers. Muscle to the brains. Sad but true, and the day we start thinking is the day things come crashing down to a state of anarchy… every man for himself to be drowned in a sea of logic, goodbye higher powers. On that note Douglas Adams disproved God hypothetically, don’t you know?
The Babel fish, one of the best-searched topics anywhere, a fish that allows for universal translation, is so unique that it can only be an act of God. Now, God refuses to prove that he exists, as proof denies faith, and faith is his coin.The Babel Fish is a proof of God, and therefore by his own logic, he’s disproved himself.
Hats off there. Here’s to fascist future full of dumb fucks, I can quietly go and sit in the shade while yonder they fight the mother of all religious wars.
‘The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was proving that he didn’t exist.’ -The Usual Suspects (1995)



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How deep the hole, and deep the water..
Still waters, they say, will run still deeper.
My fate in life to to climb upward without pause
Seeking freedom without neither zest nor cause...

Depth, constant the definer of life;
Deeper still is that constant strife.

Traffic in anarchy, pedestrians gone berserk-
The roads simply don't do much but irk
And splatter like blood they do, but mud,
And stain, thicker than both water and blood.

Depth is the measure of freedom;
How deep can we go in this slum?

Nonsense from four directions doth assail;
With no fucking around to help me bail
This cesspot of a life into which we go deep
And let shit from all entrances into mind seep.

Ah, 'tis a pity to let bad language mar
What may have been a good piece by far.

Yet artistic license is like freedom in press;
All it serves is to irk and depress.
Once at work I sat down to listen
Hear and absorb, repeat and christen;
More and more nonsense that ran the morass
And came out in a falteringly deep bass..

Depth I need and depth I seek
The field and life do both seem bleak.

Out of my head cometh ideas nonsensical;
Yet deliver I must, and still laconical-
The PTC in class is the subject of the weak;
Sorry, that's week, yet that's the meaning I seek.
Of uncertainty does this blogger reek.

Order ki maa ki chut, I'll write as I like.
And through the sludge of imbecilic rhymes and long-winded nonsense, hike.
My own experience in these matters can itself fuck;
And at listening to my advice I do seem to suck.

Yet that depth I have yet to achieve,
Which writers past often do recieve.

And I seem to utterly fuckin' lack.
No depth, so I may hit the sack.