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Spin (copied from my own blog on wordpress)

The interest has gone, but the classes linger.
History is by far a delicate subject. I subscribe to the theory that history is written by the conquerors. And why not? If there is one religion I truly admire, it is Christianity. From the Old Testament to current era, they have had such a strong base of PR that it is truly astounding. Few people today deserve the title of Sultan of Spin, but there is a precedent, a huge one.
I have nothing against religion in general and Christianity in particular; people should be free to believe. It’s a fundamental right of its own. Yet wanton persecution against non-believers and even worse, pagans, has gone on for centuries; Christians against Muslims, Muslims against Hindus is the case today, Romans against the Jews, and goodness knows who else. Yet it is truly the Christians who take the cake in this case.
‘Does he believe in God?’
‘Yes, your majesty.’
‘Does he attend sermons?’
‘Yes, your majesty.’
‘He has been observing all the holidays and holy days?’
‘Yes, your majesty.’
‘Has he paid this week’s tithe?’
‘No, your majesty, he has not.’
‘Root out this pagan and crucify him.’
And it goes on from there. Idol worship, Idle worship, questions against the faith, against the crown, against the land.. paganism is alive and well. Kill them all, protect the word of God. A highly misinterpreted word of God? No one knows, because if you question that, you’re a non-believer, and therefore irredeemable. Condemned.
It is something to admire indeed, all their machinations, all their plots, and recently with Dan Brown courting disaster (the man’s at the tip of my tongue when it comes to this topic, and he’s hardly a writer but a brilliant researcher) you have to wonder not if Christ existed.. he may have. What should be asked is what did he do, and it is extremely possible the Son of God.. if that was the result of a Vatican conspiracy.. actually did anything that is chronicled.
As above, history is written by the victors, and there is no doubt that in their monotheistic vision, the Church has caused enough bloodshed to preserve whatever secrets they hold, the Crusades being one of the bloodiest, Jerusalem, the Grail if it existed or was in actuality a myth to preserve something else?
In retrospect, no religion has not resorted to violence, bloody primal violence when it came to belief. There is a popular phrase on my mind at this point- Deus Ex Machina. The God from the Machine, coming from the time when Greek and Shakespearean plays lowered God/his divine servants via a crane onto the stage representing flight.
Why is the opposite not possible? Did man project an entity of perfection.. because God is perfect or he wouldn’t be God.. into the heavens as an object of adoration/inspiration/aspiration, even?
And on that note, who exactly are we to talk about perfection? What is perfect? A wonderful saying occurs to me at this point: The Perfect Human isn’t Human.
Of course, that was in reference to a vampire of sorts… utterly different issue, but the phrase is worth pondering over. Back on track, “Perfect” in those terms meant immortal, enduring, almighty, beautiful. A western concept by far. I’m Indian. My idea of perfection is a perfect environment- perfection, in self, is boring. When you’re perfect, then life is not worth living… and for me boredom is anathema, not low marks, not career, none of that. In repression lies my depression.
And society has had a history of corrupting/killing free thinkers, because any ruling power needs dumb followers. Muscle to the brains. Sad but true, and the day we start thinking is the day things come crashing down to a state of anarchy… every man for himself to be drowned in a sea of logic, goodbye higher powers. On that note Douglas Adams disproved God hypothetically, don’t you know?
The Babel fish, one of the best-searched topics anywhere, a fish that allows for universal translation, is so unique that it can only be an act of God. Now, God refuses to prove that he exists, as proof denies faith, and faith is his coin.The Babel Fish is a proof of God, and therefore by his own logic, he’s disproved himself.
Hats off there. Here’s to fascist future full of dumb fucks, I can quietly go and sit in the shade while yonder they fight the mother of all religious wars.
‘The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was proving that he didn’t exist.’ -The Usual Suspects (1995)

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