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The Greengrocer's Disease and other Hinglish Traits

What is it?
The Greengrocer's disease, bless his soul, is awfully contagious and so demeaning and restricting that it can easily become a full-scale epidemic.
Simply put, it's when a greengrocer's put's up offer's for sale's regarding product's with discount's that will blow your mind's away. You can find tomatoe's, potatoe's, onion's, cauliflower's, and at excellent price's.

Now that's an excellent example of how contagious it is. In second's we start imitating that same kind of literary murder that is all so prevalent these days.

I remember a time of Ganesh Chaturthi, where we (still kids) were asked by our elders to write out a list of words with the hindi suffix "-tar" such as in "Tamatar".
So how did it go? One list I still remember today and shudder at the thought of it. It went, and I quote-
1. Minis-tar
2. Prime Minis-tar
And so on. You get the idea. Hinglish at its grassroots.
Then of course someone else got wind of it and then came stuff that boiled down to "Gajar". 
The bottom line? Listen to Vani Ma'am and stay away from this sort of shit.

Then again, for all of you not privileged to meet the formidable grammatician (to coin the word) would wonder where I was getting off. I'd say I was getting off a kilometer before that particular greengrocer's, and thus take my entry from the backside only.

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