The Sanctum

Welcome, traveller. This be the realm of Jay Niner, where everything be possible, and nothing ever happens. If, perchance, thou wisheth to tarry, then find thou a page from the Grimoire and read. For we are here in eternity, and we are in medias res.


Infinite Night

The Night of Darkness. Sounds impressive, perhaps even a little eerie.
It's beautiful, as I'm sure you know. After a day of honking horns, irritable traffic, oddjob class, and a dozen other adjective-attached concepts humanity longs for a bit of peace and quiet. Is it so odd that some should want that peace more than others?
Maybe, maybe not. Still, all I have is a crackpot old laptop that won't play games released post-2005, a few copies of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and King of Fighters.
Amidst all the cacophony, there is something incredibly satisfying about taking out your frustrations on a bunch of sprites.
Well, as the Mortal Kombat announcer would say: "Excellent!"


The Week and the Weaker

The end may be in sight, but I'm sure everyone's learned by now that whenever something seems close, you need to get your popcorn ready, because there's still a lot of waiting to do. It's like the time when you stop at a signal, waiting for a green light.
And you keep waiting, amidst a mass of other idiots who have nothing better to do either. And when you get past it, you get to.. your class? Your job? Hell, your wife?
And then? The wait begins again. In my case it's waiting for the day to end. Limbo can teach patience to such a degree that you lose track even of whatever happens around ya.
A daze. You simply ignore life. All there is in the mind is a zombie-ish drive.. Monday... thursday.. saturday.. tuesday... wednesday.. friday..
One day seems so much like the other that even Pink Floyd singing "Teacher, leave those kids alone!" becomes irritating. The best of rock can't rouse, the worst of pop can't pester. There is no good, there is no evil, there is no power, there is no Force. And Yoda himself decides to smoke marijuana while waiting for Vader to kick his arse. The Endless Wait.
I am a fully qualified chutiya, mi'lord. Here is my life cycle. If you deign to change it, please do. God may have created the world in seven days. 
It only takes me six to get tired of it.
And even less to lose my individuality in it.
And perhaps a few hours to lose track of it.