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The Bilingual Argument

What in hell is up with the political scene in India?
Everyone left and right of me is writing (apne vichaar "prakat" karna jise bolaate hain) about politics and Anna Hazare. 
So I might as well as join the bandwagon.
Lots of questions on the subject, and while we're at it, let's beat around the bush for a while longer, answering daft questions.
For all intents and purposes do not crucify me if you disagree. I cannot tolerate being nailed to a cross. We shall begin this interview from the POV of two bakchoders- I mean, college students- No.  1, the interviewer and No. 2, the interviewee.
No 1: Tasreef rahiyen bhaijaan, sawaalon ki na koi kami hai na aapko chup karvaane ki gunjaaeish.
No 2: Talk English, dude.

No. 1: Kya aapko lagta hain ki Anna Hazare ke recent arrest me government ka haath hain?
No. 2: Dude, don't ask fuckall questions.

No. 1: Kya aapke bheje me koi shak raha hai ki yeh sab kyun ho raha hain?
No. 2: Dude, WTF. It's all to get the media attention in India, homie. When the media controls the masses, the best way to get more power is to control the media. Now Anna Hazare-

No. 1: Kya aap ek hi point pe rahenge?
No. 2: Fine. My point is that no matter what sort of communication you use, fear/righteousness/justice/injustice, the end goal is to get your point across to the people. Now, Anna Hazare can very well get a morcha done and people will now about it. On the other hand, those he is out to expose profit only from one thing; to delay his message until they have counter-measures to work against his ideas. 

No. 1: Kya aap is naye karnaame pe thoda charcha karna chayenge.
No. 2: Why not. It's pretty obvious that there was a trumped-up charge brought up at the last minute to clap him in irons. While the whole country waits for his message with bated breath... you have heard of one meeting his destiny on the way he takes to avoid it, haven't you? What do you think is happening? An assault on the corruption/etc. has given way to an assault on basic democratic rights.

No. 1: Lekin aapki kya raein hai is mudde par? Koi gyanvardhak tippani?
No. 2: No, not yet. I have really no interest in this sort of stuff. All I can say is that the Government should either take an example from China and turn completely communist, and clamp down on this sort of stuff, or else be utterly libertarian and let the people decide- but in this sort of case, it's like a Magician's trick of Forcing; no matter how many cards you hold out to an average passer-by, he's always going to pick up the one you want him to. The Government should get its thoughts in order and do a better job of playing politics.

No. 1: To aap yeh kehe rahe hai ki ek taraf pe rakhshas, us taraf pe Bhagwaan; beech me khada bandhar, jo machaye tufaan...
No. 2: Exactly. Now, the problem we are all facing is the sort that gets solved by arguing an issue to death. We could sit here and keep talking about it; or we could go out and do something. *I* have already spoken enough. Those who do have problems with the situation- since I'm far enough from that that it doesn't connect, and political scenarios are not my cup of tea- should do what they feel is right. 

No. 1: Kya desh me kranti ho payegi is muddhe ke vaaste?
No. 2: Nope. There will be a lot of shouting inside and outside parliament, a bunch of people with too much time on their hands, who will stand out in the rain with candles, yelling slogans out in the hopes of changing the world. Let them; or let them become politicians and change it through the rightful abuse of power instead. Words don't break bones. It's reach that matters, and now that Anna Hazare, a gandhian of sorts, has that sort of reach? It's possible he may incite more protests, but a full-blown revolution is too much for the average Indian; we'd be waiting till next October waiting for campaign slogans to arrive.

No. 1: Kya aap chutiye hain?
No. 2: I follow that feed on facebook and twitter; I agree with most of their stuff and WTF are you bringing it in now?

No. 1: Phir humare show pe aane ke liye humara shukriya ada ki jiye. Is romanchak aur anokha safar pe aapke raein sunkar badi hairani huyi; aasha karte hain ki desh ke vaasi is kaarname par apne bhi vichaar dalenge, aur apne apne bhaavnayon ko ve prakat karenge. Hume yakeen hai ki desh ki pragati zaroor hogi; dhanyavaad.

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